Kenneth Cloke, Mediator and Author of The Dance of Opposites:
Explorations in Mediation, Dialogue and Conflict Resolution Systems Design

It is commonplace for attorneys to think of themselves as champions and advocates. But don’t they also need to be coaches, voices of reason, mediators and sources of wisdom, even simply to become champions and advocates? Arezou Kohan helps us see that, in addition to being warriors and gladiators, lawyers can also improve their skills in listening, being intuitive and curious, and coaching their clients to more satisfying solutions. When we do, the lawyer jokes start to disappear.

Hallie N. Love, Esq, Positive Psychology Consultant and Author of Yoga for Lawyers:
Mind-Body Techniques To Feel Better All the Time

Coaching Your Client is brilliant. Grounded in neuroscience and practical coaching concepts, it will serve as the quintessential relationship skills toolkit for lawyers. Using an “Attorney-Client Alliance” model, Kohan shows lawyers how to empower their clients and engage them in solutions. As a result, the clients are happier, the lawyer’s life satisfaction increases, and the money follows!

Richard C. Reuben, Law Professor, University of Missouri Law School

Arezou Kohan does a masterful job of showing how a lawyer’s mindfulness can lead to much more effective client counseling, as well as greater personal and professional satisfaction. More than anything, clients seek lawyers who understand them, who connect with them, and who they believe can and want to help them solve their legal problems. Written in a lively and practical style, with contemporary examples that range from Phil Jackson to Maya Angelou, Kohan provides a prescription for how to be more open to our clients — beginning with being more present with ourselves — so that we can better serve them as coach and counselor. This is a fun and helpful read, and an important contribution to the client counseling literature.

J. Kim Wright, Author of Lawyers as Peacemakers and Integrative Law, and CEO of Cutting Edge Law.

Don’t be fooled by the title. This is more than just a book about the latest coaching fad. Arezou explores the roots of coaching as a tool for bringing a new consciousness into law. She weaves ancient wisdom, such as meditation, with new discoveries in neuroscience, to help open a path for lawyers to be the change agents we were meant to be.

Tim Pownall, Straus Institute for Conflict Resolution at Pepperdine School of Law

Kohan’s writing is about abundance and how embracing it benefits one personally and professionally. Arezou takes us back to our counselor-at-law roots. Bravo!

Runa Bouius, Conscious Business & Leadership Specialist

It is becoming increasingly clear that the traditional business model –- based on success through ego-centric competition, command, and control –- is reaching its limits and is not an attractive model for the Next-Generation leaders. What seems to be emerging is a more relationship-oriented model based on deeper awareness and higher levels of consciousness. Arezou Kohan takes the legal profession to the next level by inviting attorneys to step into this new model. This book is an “indispensable” read for lawyers, judges, mediators, and everyone else in the legal world who want not only more satisfying client outcomes but also want to bring more fulfillment, meaning, and well-being into their own lives.