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What I Do

If you have the courage to take action and change your life for the better, I am here to coach you, counsel you, plot, plan, and strategize with you to help you have what you want. I offer private, confidential coaching- from career transitions, to client development, to marketing yourself internally, to stress management and optimizing your productivity. I also offer an online branding and business-building course for women solo-practitioners/solo-preneurs ready to up-level. See my coaching page for details.

Why It Matters

Success is 80% mindset, 20% strategy. To have different results, you'll have to think differently. The education system has not evolved in 100 years. What I teach is not taught in school. Coaching literally makes you smarter. In addition, it is more challenging for women to rise up because we have been using a paradigm that is unnatural to our feminine essence and our way of being. Women also tend to do more of the work at home. Modern women are no longer satisfied with the status quo and want change.

What Makes Me Unique

I have a business degree and was a trusted attorney and mediator prior to becoming a coach. My background has come full circle. My legal background has given me the fierce advocacy skills to take a firm stand for your success. I am an “inner peace” maker. My work is integrative and holistic in that I help you design your dream life and business and also give you the strategy and tools to get there - faster.

My Story

I twisted myself into a pretzel trying to make it as a lawyer before I found my calling. I have experienced a lot of loss. I believe that life is short and you live it fully. My dream has always been to be successful being ME. I have a wealth of knowledge to share. There is no reason why you should have to go through the nonsense I went through when I know the way.

Arezou Kohan, CPCC



“Before meeting Arezou, my life and career had started to feel aimless. I longed to be the driver on this journey, but without a clear idea of where to go and how to get there, I was just a passenger. Arezou is a master guide and has changed my life. More than simply refining my business goals, she discovers what drives me as a conscious being and puts me on a path to levels of happiness and fulfillment I'd only dreamed were possible. Success comes in many forms. Arezou's true gift is in helping me realize my potential and giving me the courage to take the wheel to both personal and financial success.”

J. K., Business Owner

“It is becoming increasingly clear that the traditional business model – based on success through egocentric competition, command, and control – is reaching its limits and is not an attractive model for the Next-Generation leaders. What seems to be emerging is a more relationship-oriented model based on deeper awareness and higher levels of consciousness. Arezou takes [professionals] to the next level by inviting [them] to step into this new model.”

Runa Bouius, Conscious Business & Leadership Specialist

“Coaching with Arezou is like traveling in an unknown forest with an experienced tracker. She uses her intuition to find clues in our mind space and then step-by-step guides us to finding our own answer. She makes sure I stay on my toes and really follow through on the visions I have had. We are not fixing anything about me that is wrong: we are creating and building the future I want for myself. I highly recommend Arezou’s coaching.

K. Jaw, Yoga Instructor


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How It Works

I offer a variety of coaching/consulting/training services to meet your individual needs. Please refer to my coaching page for details.

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