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What I Do

I am hired by talented, heart-centered women who are frustrated with client generation and who want to make a greater impact and more money in less time so they can live balanced and fulfilled lives. Among other things, I provide you with a proven methodology to help you design and build a deeply nourishing and meaningful high-end business that is in alignment with your brand (your uniqueness), what is important to you (your core values), and what you stand for (your mission). I teach you how to position yourself as THE industry leader and support you in becoming more visible. I teach you modern marketing techniques and how to attract and enroll your ideal clients. I also help you release subconscious resistance to up leveling so you can rise with more ease and grace. I have helped hundreds of professionals (lawyers and non-lawyers) step up into their definition of success and I can help you, too.

Why It Matters

Women face certain challenges that can make it more difficult for them to ascend. Many are trying to succeed in corporations or firms still employing a “command and control” paradigm in which men and masculine principles prevail; where success is achieved through competition, hustle, aggression and force. This paradigm undervalues women’s natural gifts and strengths. Further, women do more of the work at home. Women are no longer satisfied with the status quo. It is important for women to rise up because we are experiencing planetary chaos due to the effects of this outdated paradigm. The solution is for women to step up in socioeconomic and political power in order to restore natural harmony on the planet.

What Makes Me Unique

I was a trusted attorney for more than 20 years. As such, I understand, first-hand, the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated profession and building your business without losing your feminine essence. I have an undergraduate degree in business and specialized in business litigation. I am a student of the human potential and know that we are undergoing an evolutionary transition on the planet. I combine fierce advocacy and a keen business sense with intuitive coaching to take a firm stand for your success. I am here to help you build a deeply nourishing and meaningful, high-end business that is a unique reflection of YOU. I believe we can have it ALL if we change our habit of thinking and consciously decide to live an uncompromised life.

My Story

Arezou KohanI follow my bliss. After five years in the legal field, I felt a pull to pursue my passion for growth and development. I incorporated coaching into my law and mediation practice. I am influenced by the best of the best – from coaching to neuroscience, philosophy, positive psychology and psychology of influence, branding, marketing, and sales to healing modalities such as reiki and guided meditation. I have learned how to turn my wounds into wisdom, heal my soul, and step up into my life’s work feeling completely supported. I have curated a methodology to transform your business and fast-track your success so you can make more money in less time and live a balanced and fulfilled life.



“It is becoming increasingly clear that the traditional business model – based on success through egocentric competition, command, and control – is reaching its limits and is not an attractive model for the Next-Generation leaders. What seems to be emerging is a more relationship-oriented model based on deeper awareness and higher levels of consciousness. Arezou takes the legal profession to the next level by inviting attorneys to step into this new model.”

Runa Bouius, Conscious Business & Leadership Specialist

“Coaching with Arezou is like traveling in an unknown forest with an experienced tracker. She uses her intuition to find clues in our mind space and then step-by-step guides us to finding our own answer. She makes sure I stay on my toes and really follow through on the visions I have had. We are not fixing anything about me that is wrong: we are creating and building the future I want for myself. I highly recommend Arezou’s coaching.

Kong-Bor Jaw, Client


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How It Works

I offer an online branding and business-building course. I also offer one-on-one coaching, training, and consulting.

Ready For Clarity?

Reach out to me directly at to schedule a confidential, complimentary consult. I have helped hundreds of women professionals step into their definition of success and I can help you, too.