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What I Do

I am a former Los Angeles litigator and mediator turned integrative business coach and strategist. I meld intuitive counseling and mindset coaching with business strategy for the most innovative and effective solution on the market to facilitate your ascension. I empower you to step up into your future self and the brand that you were born to be - - so that you can secure your 6-8 figure earning potential and financial freedom, faster, without sacrificing your relationships, your lifestyle, or your mental and physical health. I offer private remote coaching sessions and an online group coaching program. Please refer to the Coaching page for further details.

Why It Matters

The education system is antiquated. The school system features the masculine mind and masculine values. It neglects the counterpoint feminine receptive energies such as awareness, empathy, and creativity. The system neglects to nurture our human potential. The traditional business-building model is likewise antiquated and reflects the masculine mind and values. It neglects our desire for joy, balance, harmony, and fulfillment. (The paradigm is currently course-correcting.) Women are wired differently and have different needs. It is more challenging to "win" in a paradigm that was not designed with our needs and strengths in mind. I help you step into a customized vision of success that feels good to you; one that reflects who you are in the world and what you want so you can get your unique needs met.

What Makes Me Unique

I'm highly intuitive and can sense trends and patterns that are not readily discernable to the average eye. I've been at the forefront of evolutionary consciousness since 2009, ushering in our current integrative paradigm. In addition to my certification as a professional co-active coach, I have an undergraduate degree in business and have been self-employed since 2004. I am also highly strategic from 20 years of being a litigator. I love creative problem-solving. I've been where you are. I know how challenging it can be to live freely and on your own terms. I help you shorten your learning curve, mitigate the risk of failure so that you can rise up faster, with more ease. I help you "win" in both life and in business.

Who Do I Serve

I serve the badass, heart-centered, spiritually awake. I specialize in working with women because it’s my calling to help level the playing field and help women rise up faster so we can also restore natural harmony on the planet. Having said that, I am happy to collaborate with those who feel resonant. By "badass," I mean "committed, coachable, resourceful, decisive, action-taker." I am here to guide you but you've got to want your transformation more than I want it for you. You’ve got to be committed and have the heart of a champion to work with me.

My Story

I've experienced a lot of loss. I believe that life is short and you live it fully. I twisted myself into a pretzel trying to make it as a lawyer before I found my calling. In 2001, I had a spiritual awakening. I had all the trappings of success on paper but I wasn't happy. I set out on a mission to fulfill my dream of being successful being ME, i.e. to fulfill my dharma and live the life that I was born to live. I have a wealth of knowledge to share. There is no reason why you should have to go through the nonsense that I went through when I know the way.

Arezou Kohan, CPCC



“Arezou changed my life. Her coaching created a transformational path for me during a tough time in my life. I am forever grateful. She is the best!”

Adrianne Laurita, Fashion Designer

“I took a coaching course with Arezou and it was a great experience. Arezou played a big role in giving me the nudge I needed to launch my mediation practice. She also coached me through some very vulnerable times, and for that I’m thankful.”

Karine Karadjian, Attorney-Mediator

“Before meeting Arezou, my life and career had started to feel aimless. I longed to be the driver on this journey, but without a clear idea of where to go and how to get there, I was just a passenger. Arezou is a master guide and has changed my life. More than simply refining my business goals, she discovers what drives me as a conscious being and puts me on a path to levels of happiness and fulfillment I'd only dreamed were possible. Success comes in many forms. Arezou's true gift is in helping me realize my potential and giving me the courage to take the wheel to both personal and financial success.”

J. K., Business Owner

“It is becoming increasingly clear that the traditional business model – based on success through egocentric competition, command, and control – is reaching its limits and is not an attractive model for the Next-Generation leaders. What seems to be emerging is a more relationship-oriented model based on deeper awareness and higher levels of consciousness. Arezou takes [professionals] to the next level by inviting [them] to step into this new model.”

Runa Bouius, Conscious Business & Leadership Specialist

“Coaching with Arezou is like traveling in an unknown forest with an experienced tracker. She uses her intuition to find clues in our mind space and then step-by-step guides us to finding our own answer. She makes sure I stay on my toes and really follow through on the visions I have had. We are not fixing anything about me that is wrong: we are creating and building the future I want for myself. I highly recommend Arezou’s coaching.

K. Jaw, Yoga Instructor


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