Hi, doll. How are you? Did I grab your attention? : )

The concept is from “Pick of the Litter” – a documentary about raising guide dogs for the blind. The dogs are trained to ignore a command when dangerous. That’s how I feel about the traditional business-building model. It’s dangerous to our health and well-being (including financial well-being).

These models were set up in the industrial revolution days. The school system prepares students to be factory workers (employees). It is not designed to teach us to think independently for ourselves (be leaders and visionaries).

So many of us shelled out 100K+ for college and graduate degrees thinking that a piece of paper was going to promise us success. That is not the case. Working IN your business (an employee mindset) is not going to bring you success. Working ON your business (a visionary/CEO mindset) will.

(I am going to spill all the secrets to give you leverage in the market place. You’re welcome.)

No more settling. No more sacrificing life for work, money for health, and vice-a-versa. No longer banging your head against the wall trying to figure it out on your own and wondering if there is something wrong with you. That is what The Elevator is for. It is a start-to-finish solution that will massively reduce your learning curve and exponentially increase your profits and results.

Here is what one student said recently:

“I’m so glad that I got your materials when I did, they are helping me immensely.”

Please stop procrastinating, love. You’ll just end up wasting more of your precious time, questioning your sanity, and leaving more money on the table.

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