Change is scary all around.

Even the good stuff.

Three separate astrologers told me that I was destined to become “a famous spiritual teacher.”

mindset coach for women in business

No pressure.

Scared the shit out of me.

I just wanted to be a writer.

Behind the scenes kinda thing.

You wonder if you can handle the pressure,

the money, the people, the expectations…

It’s all fucking scary.

But you do it scared because it’s a compulsion.

It’s your art.

You’d die if you didn’t do it.

Like breathing.

You’re never going to be called to do something you can’t handle.

If you have a dream, you have the power within you to fulfill it.

You just don’t have the proper guidance and tools.

None of us were properly educated on living our truths.

That’s why coaching is so invaluable.

That’s what I’m here for.

It’s what I was born to do.