Some people spend 40+ years commuting two+ hours daily to go to a job they don’t like, to work with people they don’t like, to do work they don’t like – all because society tells them that this is “normal.” < Do you think that this is “normal”? It sounds pretty unhealthy and crazy to me. 

It took me 20+ years and tremendous emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and financial toll to own who I am. The path was dangerous. Nonetheless, I love the woman I have become in the process. I wake up every morning feeling energized, fulfilled, and on purpose. I’m here to share this knowledge with you so you can up-level with less risk and more ease.

Here is the thing: We already have two strikes against us as women. We have been trying to succeed in a man’s world, using a man’s definition of success. The world is going through a major breakdown before a major breakthrough in order to balance the power-dynamic. The Matrix is not one we created. We have internalized the Patriarchy. < A paradigm of fear and control. A paradigm that has led to war, chaos, and destruction. It has run its course.

When a woman thinks that asking for support is “weak,” that’s not her talking. We intuitively know that asking for support is strength because it takes strength to be vulnerable. It takes strength to say:“I don’t have all the answers and I am willing to be humble and learn.” We know that it is smart to piggy-back on someone else’s experience and learn from their mistakes.

Once I allowed myself to stand on the shoulders of soul-sisters, I was able to finally blossom. These women (coaches, mentors, healers and business strategists) have lifted me up, told me the truth, and set me straight. I have had to look myself in the mirror and catch and release the fears and insecurities that were stopping me from becoming more visible. This year alone, I shed self-judgment and trying to get my way through aggression and force (residual from my litigator days and ways). I have learned to love myself more fiercely and become more protective of my energy. After years of over-giving and over-doing, I am learning to soften and receive. It’s a Shero’s Journey.

When you up-level, you go through a purification process. You give yourself the permission to let go of the toxicity – the people, places, habits and modes of being that no longer serve your highest good. There is an unlearning, shedding, and cleansing process that occurs. You cut cords. You give yourself permission to be yourself and build a life that feels amazing. This is the opposite of what we are taught. We are taught to conform, water ourselves down, play it safe, and settle.

Our greatest gift as human beings is the gift of our imagination. It is the most powerful part of us because it is the closest thing to being one with Universal Intelligence. (Creativity is considered a “feminine” energy in that it tends to come from a receptive, inspired, intuitive state.) You have this sacred gift. Use it to create your best life.

If you are ready to get out of survival mode and would like a quantum leap to the next level, book a call.