Hi, doll. How are you? Did you know that:

– 85% of the world’s population suffers from low self-esteem.
– Only 4% of women consider themselves to be beautiful.
– 7 out of 10 girls believe that they are not good enough.

As a highly-sensitive person, I felt “different” from other people for a very long time. I grappled with low self-esteem. I’ve had to work on myself to own and release my gifts and message out into the world BELIEVING that it would be of benefit. I was WILLING and COMMITTED to doing whatever it takes to live freely and on my own terms. I refused to be a slave to a system wherein we have to pretend to be anything other than ourselves to succeed. It is unnatural and, in my opinion, it is the root of much mental suffering in the world.

It is when we fill in the HOLE in the gaps of our sense of identity that we start to feel WHOLE.

No amount of money, shoes, clothes, cars, men, or EXTERNAL STUFF is going to fill up any emptiness. What you do is fill up that void with YOU. Then, you ATTRACT everything you want to you – from big money to the love of your life…. It all starts with how you feel about yourself.

Your work is about so much more than money and prestige! It’s about:

– finding your voice and sharing your message with the world.
– making the kind of impact that only you were born to make.
– coming into your own and feeling comfortable in your own skin.
– healing your subconscious childhood, ancestral, cultural wounds.
– feeling a sense of joy, fulfillment, freedom, wholeness, and peace.

It is, perhaps, the greatest vehicle for personal growth and transformation there is. If feeling good and making the most of yourself isn’t the most valuable thing that you can do, I. don’t. know. what. is!

To win, you have to go within.

Oh, and yes, there is NEVER a reason to wait to do your inner work that isn’t just a story you are telling yourself.

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