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An online branding and business-building course for women ready to

This 8-week online course offers step-by-step guidance on how to build a unique and high-end business, market with authenticity, and become visible so you can spread your message and do your life’s work.

Is MORE For You?


  • You enjoying a deep sense of knowing that you have landed somewhere solid and that no other person has the ability to remove the rock from under your feet.
  • You waking up each morning enjoying deeply satisfying relationships, doing work that you love, and feeling appreciated and recognized for it.
  • You loving the fact that you are no longer caught up in a toxic cycle of insecurity, instability, frustration, and servitude.
  • You having the confidence to express your truth, own your worth, and no longer leaving money on the table.
  • You enjoying a sense of peace knowing how to make money from a place of service and deep receiving so you don’t ever have to struggle with lack and emptiness again.
  • You experiencing a feeling of integrity and wholeness, not feeling like you have to tear yourself apart ever again.
  • You loving the rich life that you have custom-tailored.

Why Now?

MORE is designed for the cool, intelligent, ambitious, amazing, open-minded woman who wants to empower herself to be, do, and have more. It is not for the woman who is indecisive and does not want to change and does not want to have fun. Instead of learning through the school of hard knocks, MORE can shorten your learning curve from 22 years to 8-weeks.

It’s perfect for you if…

  • You have been dreaming of going out on your own.
  • You are on your own and having trouble gaining traction.
  • You are on your own and are in a rut or have hit a ceiling.
  • You work for someone else but want to secure your freedom by honing your business development skills.

Arezou Kohan, CPCC


We all have our unique blueprint for success. However, our psychology gets in the way. Perhaps, well-meaning parents, caregivers and teachers told us what we were and were not capable of achieving.

As women, our beliefs about our deservedness and worth especially get in the way. And… it is no wonder. We were burned at the stake for being intuitive and powerful. Women are taught to be polite, caring, and generous to others, but not to ourselves.

To create self-honoring lives, our job is to have the courage to eliminate what is holding us back. Our essence is hidden under layers of stories that may need to be re-written. We must learn to stand in our power and become better, stronger versions of ourselves in order to level-up.

A recent Manchester, Inc., study demonstrated a 7-fold return on investment from coaching. It may be tax-deductible as an education expense. Simply put, it is an incredibly smart business decision.

What You Get

Master Classes

  • 4 hours of prerecorded master classes that you can watch or listen to on your own time.

Group Training

  • 8 hours of virtual group Q&A, hot seat 1:1 coaching, and training tailored to the group.


  • Access to a private Facebook group for women like you who are ready to perform at their best.


  • An opportunity to build strategic partnerships/relationships to bring your business to the next level.


  • Weekly check-ins in the Facebook community as accountability to keep you focused and on-track.


  • Unlimited email access to Arezou Kohan and a private 1:1 session to free yourself from the blocks holding you back.

Bottom Line

MORE… Freedom. Impact. Income. Outcome.

Ready For Clarity?

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