Why Do People Come To Me?

People come to me for various reasons:

Branding- They’re starting/pivoting/merging/re-imagining their business and they want to get their branding on point.

Business Strategy- They want to know the most cutting-edge strategies re: positioning, marketing, attracting, and enrolling more ideal clients, and increasing their cash flow.

Mindset- They want clarity and confidence. They want to trust themselves and believe that what they want is possible, they deserve it, and can have what they want and it doesn't have to take years, be hard or full of struggle and sacrifice. They want a healthier relationship with themselves and with money.

Intuitive Guidance- They’re ready to release any stuck or stagnant energy that is holding them back from achieving their financial goals. They want someone neutral in their corner who isn't afraid to tell them the truth and recalibrate them to their most empowered, whole state.

Vision Quest/Strategic Planning- They want clarity on their dream life and business so they can move forward with intention and purpose.

Accountability- Some know what to do and want the accountability to build the focus and momentum that generates next-level results.

I don’t work with everyone the same way!

That’s the beauty of what I do!

My work is custom-designed!

It’s “Couture.”


On Retainer – Twelve (12) hours of virtual private sessions. You can talk to me about anything on these calls. You'll have a chance to use me as a sounding board and process what's going on, clear your head, be witnessed and championed, pick my brain and strategize, etc. so you make the most strategic and sound decisions and move forward with intentionality and confidence. You can spread the sessions out three months to one year and they're custom-tailored to your specific needs, goals, and aspirations. You bring the topic. We do a deep dive and get you clarity. We land on an inquiry (a question for meditation) or a next best action step. It builds focus and momentum to create massive shifts so you can meet your potential, faster, without sacrificing your relationships, lifestyle, mental and physical health. The sessions must be redeemed within one year of the date of purchase. (Gender Neutral Leadership, Executive, Life, Business Coaching, and Intuitive Guidance and Strategy). The investment ranges from $15K to $30K depending on your level of decisiveness. 

Group Coaching

The Elevator  Step into the most revolutionary, virtual, 8-week, whole-person step-by-step system to transform your life and your business so they are working harmoniously together. You will get massive clarity on your vision and what success means to you. You'll also learn cutting-edge branding and business strategy so you can position yourself as the only and best solution on the market, and attract and enroll more ideal clients. You'll also get eight coaching calls to break through outdated subconscious programming, such as making money has to be hard, labor-intensive, and require struggle. You'll recalibrate to your most empowered, confident mental state. You’ll walk away with your innate success blueprint, solid business strategy, and a proven action plan to secure your 6-8 figure earning potential, faster, without sacrificing your relationships, lifestyle, and mental and physical health. Please refer to The Elevator for details. (Female Entrepreneur Startups and Uplevels) The investment ranges from $4.9K to $12K depending on your level of decisiveness. 

Ready For Clarity?

I work with the badass, heart-centered, and spiritually awake. "Badass" means "committed, coachable, resourceful, decisive, action-taker." Sound like you? Book a Complimentary phone Breakthrough Session.

We'll explore where you are, what you want, and what's in the way. It's a great way for us to get better acquainted and see if we're a fit.