Why Do People Come To Me?

People come to me for different reasons. It usually boils down to the fact that they’re sacrificing and settling for less than they know they want and deserve and they’re ready to make a change. I don’t work with everyone the same way. We partner together to figure out what’s in the way and come up with the best solution to the problem.


On Retainer – Twelve (12) hours of my time guaranteed during the course of one year. This time can be customized for corporate trainings, strategic planning, team-building, and executive coaching. It can also be used for personalized privates. Pick my brain, strategize, think things through, and receive expert guidance, motivation, and accountability so that you can achieve your personal and/or corporate goals with more intention and ease.

Group Coaching

The Elevator –  This is my virtual 90-day, start-to-finish, whole-person branding and business-building course for spiritually-minded female service-based start-ups and uplevels. You receive expert guidance, deep healing, practical tools, and a detailed roadmap to design and step up into your vision of success so that you can experience a more balanced, meaningful, and harmonious life and business. Please refer to The Elevator for details.

Ready For a change?

Apply for a Complimentary phone Breakthrough Session.

You’ll walk away with immediate relief and clarity as to your next best step.