When I was younger, I used to play Pictionary with my family, during which time my cousins would draw these elaborate pictures while I would draw tortured stick figures to get my point across. I would scratch my head and wonder how I missed the artistic gene. Later, my creativity revealed itself. I learned that I am creative – but not in that way. I am a creative thinker, with killer strategic instincts.

Creativity tends to be associated with the right-hemisphere of the neo-cortex. It is considered to be a feminine energy because it is receptive. Inspiration cannot be forced. There is a beautiful, surrendered, allowing and channeling energy to it.

At one point, I made the connection that it was the feminine attributes and values that were being disrespected by society and had been relegated to the back of the bus. Emotional intelligence, creativity, etc., for example, generally speaking, are not taught in school. This oversight was not intentional. It happened with the advent of recording of language. It was believed that reading, writing, and arithmetic (those things that are visible) were the keys to success. These attributes were considered primary. The arts, emotions, etc. were considered to be secondary – almost frivolous in a way.

The mind is considered to be “masculine” and the heart is considered “feminine.” Feelings are considered “feminine.” Ironically, it is estimated that 95-98% of decision-making happens on a subconscious, emotional level. Our imagination and our feelings are internal and, as such, invisible. These parts of the brain are atrophied or underdeveloped in many through inadequate use. In fact, society has become disorientated for failure to respect the feminine – inside all of us.

The future of the planet rests on humanity embracing feminine attributes such as non-verbal communication, connectivity and collaboration, and creativity (innovation). Women who build businesses in a way that honors our feminine values will flourish because we are stepping into a paradigm that is more natural to our essence and our way of being. For instance, traditionally, money has been the measure of success because this is the definition of success for men. For women, meeting our life-goals (what the money can do for us) tends to be the measure of our success. We tend to see things more holistically. As such, a holistic approach to business-building for women is the superior method.

For much too long, we have been considered to be the second-sex, twisting ourselves into a pretzel trying to succeed in a society that disrespects us as women, the feminine qualities inside all of us – regardless of gender – and Mother Earth. The challenge with society is the lack of respect for the feminine and overcoming our subconscious collective wounds as women so we may rise.

If you are not where you want to be, it’s not because you are unintelligent. It’s likely because “you don’t know what you don’t know.” I teach what I teach because it is not covered in school – not even at top business schools and certainly not in law school. My on-line course combines the most cutting-edge knowledge, with mindset support and accountability to take you to the next level. To build an integrative business that is aligned with your unique vision, values, and mission, we have to tap into all of the areas of your beautiful, brilliant, brain. You can consciously co-create your life.

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