Hi, Doll.  How are you?

It feels good to be “traveling” again – even if it is staying at airbnbs around town. L.A. is so diverse that parts feel like a different state or country!  Diversity lends itself to creativity, and creativity in action becomes innovation.  California is the Wild Wild West.  The Frontier of progress and innovation.  We lead the way.  

The absurdity of the times shows in how society views my work as “trendsetting” and “cutting edge.” My philosophy is about “returning to nature – including your true nature – to thrive.”  You were put on this planet to do something that no one else can do but you.  When you attune yourself with your true nature and purpose, your work feels less like work, and more like play.  Your life feels more peaceful, fulfilling, and joyful. You will experience less fatigue, depression, worry, and anxiety. You will make a deeper impact and contribution. You will make more money doing what you love to do.

The times are about giving yourself permission to be yourself and designing your life-work consciously, rather than living by default, so you get your needs met.  This means stepping into self-leadership and trusting your inner guidance instead of following society’s outdated notions of success, i.e. learning how to think for yourself.

We are in the process of purifying the toxic consequences of an imbalanced paradigm by reconnecting to Mother Nature, feminine principles, and the feminine mind.  We are experiencing the third wave of a women’s liberation movement; what I have dubbed “The Golden Age of The Feminine.”

I have been at the forefront of evolutionary consciousness for two decades now and I can tell you that the decisions you make within the next 3-6 months will have profound and long-term effects on the quality of your life-work moving forward.

“What is stopping you from investing in yourself?”  What’s your story?  Write it down here in one sentence:  _________________________________________________________________.

If your story is “I don’t have enough time, money, energy, or resources,” that is EXACTLY WHY it’s time to invest in yourself.  You don’t have time, money, energy, and resources to WASTE.

Taking it one step further: at the root of “I don’t have enough” is a mentality of lack, scarcity, and fear.  If you continue to use fear-based thinking as a basis for your decisions, YOU’LL CRASH AND BURN. Your mind will be your greatest enemy or your greatest ally in the upcoming months. Learn how to use it.