COVID-19 is a turning point. We are witnessing our humanity (#alonetogether, #inthistogether). Yin/feminine energies are being restored and we are being given an opportunity to slow down and “breathe.” This is the optimal time for self-reflection and strategic planning. With that in mind, here are some inquires for you this week:

  1. Embodiment: How can you put your oxygen mask on first and practice effective leadership so as to stay calm in the midst of the storm and become an example for your clients, employees, and family?
  2. Big Picture Thinking: Are the choices you are making right now taking you closer to where you want to be (long-term thinking) or keeping you stuck where you are (short-term thinking)?
  3. Creative Thinking: How can you become more creative and resourceful in terms of pivoting your services, marketing, messaging, and delivery so as to become more relevant than ever?
  4. Nurturing: How can you use this opportunity to engage in heart-to-heart conversations and deepen your relationships with your clients and prospects now more than ever?
  5. Choosing faith over fear: How ready are you to let go of old ways of being and doing things that did not feel good and were not serving you in order to make way for the new version of YOU?
  6. Collaboration: How willing are you to stop isolating yourself and get out there, collaborate/partner-up with others, and create community in order to create the life and career that you really want and deserve?

I invite you to meditate on each question and see what naturally bubbles up for you.

Most people are afraid of change because they are afraid of what they will have to give up and not what they will GAIN in the process. This is a great time to make necessary changes and invest in yourself. Coaching is THE most strategic decision that you can ever make! You will save so much time, so much money, energy, and grief when you think things through and adapt – consciously.