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An online branding and business-building course for driven and committed women solo-practitioners/solo-preneurs who are ready to move to the NEXT LEVEL and beyond

You are far too intelligent and brilliant to be stuck on the same floor for so long, my dear. You went out on your own to have control over your destiny and not be squashed under anyone’s thumb, correct? So, let’s give you a lift and take you to where you properly belong – at the top.

Is THE ELEVATOR for you?


  • You enjoying a deep sense of knowing that you have landed somewhere solid and that no one has the ability to remove the rock from under your feet.
  • You waking up each morning enjoying deeply satisfying relationships, support systems that have your back, doing work that you love, and feeling appreciated and recognized for it.
  • You loving the fact that you are no longer caught up in a toxic cycle of instability, frustration, sacrifice, lack and servitude.
  • You having the confidence to express your truth, own your worth, and no longer settling and leaving money on the table.
  • You experiencing a feeling of integrity and wholeness, not feeling like you have to tear yourself apart ever again.
  • You loving the rich life that you have custom-tailored.

Ready for the ride of your life?

I specifically created this program for the driven, committed solo-practitioner/solo-preneur (consultant, thought-leader, doctor, lawyer and other service professional) who has an expertise that solves a major problem for her clients. It’s for the woman who knows that she is 100% responsible for her happiness and isn’t afraid to invest in herself and take action. You will learn how to increase the value of your business, position yourself in the market as the subject matter expert, scale your expertise, attract the right clients, and make more by working less. Yes, less.

It’s perfect for you if…

  • You are overworking and underearning.
  • You are not getting paid your true worth.
  • You have hit a plateau or ceiling.
  • You want more work/life balance.
  • You feel trapped by your business.

Arezou Kohan, CPCC


This program is limited to 10 participants so you can receive personalized, customized attention and strategy to help you reach your individual goals. You will learn the keys to building a solid foundation for a lifetime of stability, freedom, balance and independence. You will walk away with a clear mental picture of the person you want to become and the life you want for yourself that feels amazing.

You will reduce burn-out by learning self-care practices and putting boundaries around your time and energy, eliminating what drains you and robs you of your joy, outsourcing your weaknesses, and focusing your energy on your area of mastery. You will improve your business-building skills that will create a more consistent flow of income in a way that feels honest, clean, and truly represents you. You will also be privy to the secrets of exceptional client service, leading to improved retention, word-of-mouth referrals and outcomes.

Finally, you will tame your inner critic and self-judgment as you own your value and your worth and crush the obstacles that are in your way. You will move from fear, doubt, anxiety, overwhelm and frustration to calm, clarity, direction, certainty, and confidence.

I know what it is like to be an educated and intelligent woman and not be where you want to be; it’s a horrible feeling. I was an associate at a law firm and took the leap of venturing out on my own to live life on my own terms. It was a rocky road to come into my own because I did not have proper guidance. The inefficacy was frustrating because I knew that I deserved better. The saddest thing is unrecognized talent.

With mentorship, you are investing in someone to help you generate new ideas and hold you accountable to your potential. If nothing changes, nothing changes. For things to be different, you'll have to think differently. In addition to learning new skill-sets, you'll be experiencing mindset shifts that transform your life and business in a matter of weeks. You will mitigate the landmines and risks and reach your destination faster. Research shows an ROI on coaching to be a return of 7x the investment.

THE ELEVATOR provides you with a proven roadmap, GPS, systems and strategies towards greater impact, income, freedom and fulfillment.


What You Get

Master Classes

  • 4 hours of self-study: prerecorded value-packed trainings that you can listen to on your own time.

Group Training

  • 8 hours of virtual group Q & A and hot seat 1:1 coaching


  • Access to a private Facebook group for women professionals like you who are ready to perform at their best.


  • An opportunity to build strategic partnerships/relationships to bring your business to the next level.


  • Check-ins as accountability to keep you focused and on-track.


  • Unlimited email and Facebook access to Arezou Kohan during the course, PLUS a private 1:1 session to clear out any subconscious blocks.

The Investment

*$6,000 lump sum (equivalent to the investment in a 3-unit course in graduate school)

*$6,600 split pay (two installments of $3,300, 1/2 upon registration and 1/2 in 30 days )

A solid foundation for a lifetime of success? Priceless.

*You are eligible for a $1,000 Fast-Act when you register at the time of your Breakthrough Session.

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