Why take the staircase to success when there is an Elevate-Her?

Unleash your true potential and elevate your life and business.

Is The Elevate-Her Right for You?


You did it.

You've decided to go out on your own.

Being a solopreneur is exciting and terrifying!

It can feel overwhelming.

It can feel lonely.

You can wonder if you're doing it the right way.

You certainly don't want to risk doing it the wrong way and blowing through your savings and retirement, maxing out your credit cards, amassing enormous debt you can't get out from under, ruining your credit, flirting with bankruptcy, eviction, or foreclosure, staying trapped in a toxic relationship because you can't afford to get out, having to get a job you hate to keep the lights on, worry and become dependent on relatives, lose access to quality healthcare and nutrition, or end up on welfare or homeless -- not to mention the risk of a host of stress-related illnesses.

It is not my intention to scare or dissuade you.

I intend to ground you in reality.

Entrepreneurship is not for sissies.

It is the most challenging and rewarding endeavor there is.

I imagine that's precisely why you're up for the adventure.

You are courageous and have a dream in your heart.

To live your potential and purpose in this lifetime.

To show yourself what you're capable of.

To experience time and money freedom.

To live a rich, inspired life on your terms.

Do you know how they say:

"Leap and the net appears"?

This course is your safety net.

Whether it is the Big Leap from corporate to start your business/practice or up-leveling into your full power and earning potential, this course is for you.

Arezou Kohan, CPCC

A Better Way:

In this intimate 8-week group coaching program capped at ten participants, you'll learn what it took me years to learn through painful and costly mistakes.

The course takes a fresh, holistic approach to business/practice-building. You'll discover that it's not just about the money; it's how you choose to practice self-care in all areas, remembering you're worthy of the life and work you love - one that satisfies your needs.

The Program covers:

Soul Alignment:

Soul alignment is about living in integrity and alignment with who you are, at the essence of your being. It's about having the courage to listen to your inner wisdom and live a life that is true to yourself.

You will start by discovering your unique/divine blueprint for success. I'll show you exactly who you are when you are the person you want to be, living exactly the life you want to be living.

Through guided visualization and embodiment, you will anchor this feeling state in your body so you move forward confidently and powerfully from this place of richness and wholeness.

You'll see how cultivating joy, harmony, and peace creates a safe, nurturing environment and the synergy to facilitate your potential.

Branding and Business Strategy:

You receive a step-by-step proven start-to-finish system and cutting-edge business strategies to own your unique genius and step up into your success blueprint from where you are now.

You will get clear on your brand, ideal client, message, and the secret to clean marketing and selling to magnetize soul-mate clients.

You will have everything in one place. You can step into your vision methodically to prevent confusion and overwhelm.

Nervous System Recalibration:

Somatics is the key to recalibrating your nervous system and moving from fight/flight/freeze ("survival mode") to thriving mode.

You will become attuned to the signals in your body and include your body in the decision-making process to make aligned decisions.

You'll discover a more balanced approach and see that you can succeed in business without overworking, over-giving, feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, burnt out, and resentful.

Expert Mindset Coaching and Deep Healing:

The proven system, structure, and accountability will help you gain momentum to experience a breakthrough to your next level.

However, please make no mistake. The best thing I can do for you is to hold space for you to trust and believe in yourself.

We will work closely together for eight weeks to clear patterns and behaviors limiting you and strengthen mindsets and feeling states congruent with your next level and the woman you are becoming.

You will create a healthier relationship with yourself, time, money, marketing, sales, the human race, and the Universe.

You will learn the difference between an "employee" and a "CEO" mindset and learn to make your money work hard for you instead of working hard to make money. We can also clear ancestral and generational trauma surrounding worthiness, work, and wealth-building.

Here's what you get:

> A carefully curated, proven step-by-step system with business-building and coaching exercises. It is the self-study component. You can do one exercise per day or do them all over a weekend. It's entirely up to you.

> Over 8 hours of live laser group mindset coaching over Zoom - one hour for eight weeks that includes embodiment, deep healing, guided visualization, and expert mindset coaching to claim and own your essence and unique genius.

> Sacred secrets and insights to activate your inner feminine, magnetize your ideal clients and make money with pleasure, ease, and flow.

> A peer group of like-minded women and a community you can turn to for feedback, learn from, laugh with, and with whom you can network.

> Access to me virtually during the eight weeks.

> Recording of all the Zoom coaching sessions.

> Lifetime access to the system/Playbook.

Equipped with the right tools, strategies, guidance, and mindset, you will feel a sense of relief, clarity, peace, safety, security, and confidence, knowing your business foundation is rock solid before you start or level up into your dream life and business/practice.

The sooner you do this, the sooner you can pay off debt, build a nice nest egg, buy your dream home, pamper yourself, enjoy all the things you love, get back to hobbies, travel, spend time with loved ones and take better care of them, start investing, save for your retirement, and build generational wealth.


This course is not for everybody.

It is for committed, resourceful, decisive action-takers. No amount of information I share with you will work if you aren't serious about applying the learning and taking consistent, aligned action to build momentum.

The program is for savvy businesswomen who understand the time value of money and know they will never get back the time they stay stuck.

Sound like you?

Start by booking a complimentary breakthrough session today.

We'll explore where you are and what you want.

If I can bridge the gap, we can discuss my services.

Either way, you'll get clarity on how to break through to your next chapter.

Frequently asked questions:

Who joins the program?

The program is open to spiritually minded female service-based solopreneurs - start-ups and up-levels. I tend to attract coaches, healers, change-makers, and holistic practitioners. Everyone is talented and has good energy. Victims and excuse-makers need not apply.

How is this program different than other coaching programs?

It's a holistic (mind-body-business-spirit) whole-person, whole-life solution to unlock your unique/divine success blueprint, branding and business strategy to lay a solid business foundation, and embodiment and mindset coaching to own your blueprint and elevate you to your next chapter. The small group size ensures personalized attention so you don't fall through the cracks.

How many participants are in the program?

The course currently caps at 10.

When can I join the program?

The Program is "Evergreen" after January 2024. You may join as long as a spot is available. If not, you can ask to be put on the waitlist and notified when a spot becomes available.

When are the Zoom sessions?

The Zoom sessions are on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. EST.

When do I get the proven step-by-step system and roadmap?

You will receive it within 48 hours of registration.

When do I get the Zoom link for the coaching sessions?

You will get the link at least 48 hours before the session.

How much is the course?

It's just $6K. For decisive action-takers, I offer a Fast-Act Incentive of $5K. To make it more manageable, we can split that into two payments of $2.5K and $2.5K in 30 days or a lump sum of $4K when you register during our initial breakthrough session. You can use multiple credit cards or means to pay for the investment.

What if I can't make any of the Zoom meetings?

The Zoom sessions are mandatory. That's when we go into the personalized mindset coaching, healing, and embodiment. It's also when you can strategize with me and gain access to any intuitive hits. I recommend prioritizing your financial self-care and well-being and committing to weekly attendance. If you miss the session, you can listen to a recording and still get value from hearing/seeing me coach other participants.

Do you offer refunds?

No. In case of an emergency, you may pause your participation.

Do you guarantee results?

I can't guarantee results simply because they depend on you showing up, being coachable, and implementing the learning. No one has ever demanded a refund. Everyone who has gone through the program has said the course is priceless and invaluable.

How do I join the program?

Book a complimentary breakthrough session with me today! I look forward to chatting and seeing if there is synergy and resonance.

To your wealth and well-being,