If you are an intelligent, highly-educated woman who feels frustrated, stuck, trapped, and powerless, don’t lose heart. I’ve been there and it’s a horrible feeling.

In school, we have teachers guiding us through reading, writing, history, arithmetic, etc. We are not trained on how to make ourselves happy. We are are not trained to think creativity and use our imagination to design and build a self-honoring business that is a true reflection of who we are in the world. That is what it means to build an “integrative” business – one that makes you feel unified and whole. In other words, stepping into your pure potential and doing the work you were meant to do. Creating a life and business that work seamlessly together so that you are no longer tearing yourself apart inside and pretending to be someone you are not and living a life that doesn’t suit your truest needs and nature.

We all have that success blueprint inside of us. Like an acorn knows how to be an oak tree, we know who we are meant to be and what we are meant to do. Remember, we are part of nature. We must go back to nature – and to our nature – to thrive.

If you’d like a customized blueprint for your definition of success and the tools and a strategic plan to get there faster, get in touch. Eight weeks of soul-searching can shave off years – if not decades – of painful trial and error.