If you are an intelligent woman who feels frustrated, stuck, trapped, and powerless, don’t lose heart. I’ve been there. Keep going until you pierce-the-veil and break on through to the other side. You will get there if you don’t give up and just keep going! That was my motto when I was down and at my lowest and darkest points. I would just keep whispering to myself on a daily basis: “Keep moving forward… Keep moving forward…” until, one day, after what seemed like a decade of failure, things just seemed to “gel.” I finally felt like I came into my own.

In school, we have teachers guiding us through reading, writing, history, arithmetic, etc. We are not taught how to be happy. We are are not trained on how to think creativity, and use our imagination to design and build a self-honoring business that is a true reflection of who we are in the world. That is what it means to build an “integrative” business – one that makes you feel unified and whole. In other words, stepping into your pure potential and doing the work you were meant to do. Creating a life and business that work seamlessly together so that you are no longer tearing yourself apart inside and pretending to be someone you are not and living a life that doesn’t suit your truest needs and nature.

We all have that success blueprint inside of us. Like an acorn knows how to be an oak tree, we know who we are meant to be and what we are meant to do. However, our psychology gets in the way. We replay dozens upon dozens of excuses in our head and believe them to be the truth: “It’s not possible,” “I don’t know how,” “I am not ready,” “I am not worthy,” etc. Our childhood, ancestral, tribal, cultural conditioning gets in the way. We must break out of the mental imprisonment caused by an antiquated culture of fear and control.

You deserve freedom, inner peace, balance, recognition, and joy. We all do. You deserve to do your life’s work and get handsomely rewarded for it. You don’t need to compete with anyone else. No one else can do what you do because no one else is you! You are inherently a master, expert, and leader in something. Once we uncover what that is, we can position you as the subject matter expert in the market-place and help you capture market share. The sooner you rise into leadership, power, influence, and philanthropy, the sooner the world will change. Continue to be brave and rise.

You can and will get there on your own but I don’t recommend it. It was initiation by walking through fire. I got pummeled until I learned how to kill off my ego and learned humility – and, simultaneously, learned how to love and care for myself.

If you are ready for a new chapter in your life, book a call. I know I can help you.