I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. We won’t even started on the mistakes that I’ve made with men!

Here are a few:

  • Taking the first offer from the first law firm at which I interviewed.
  • Checkering from law-firm to law-firm to my own firm to find myself.
  • Dropping 11K for an on-line marketing system that didn’t feel right.

I wasn’t stupid. I didn’t know any better. We don’t know what we don’t know.

To my knowledge, there is no course in the education system where they hold space for you to THINK THINGS THROUGH. That’s why we have to do this work ourselves! It’s not “self-help,” as much as it is “self-empowerment.” Then again, maybe it is “self-help” when you learn to put your oxygen-mask on first. Without a life-vision, you risk being manipulated by outside forces (your parents, your culture, teachers, advertisers, the media, politicians, mates, etc.) to live SOMEONE ELSE’s version of success. You risk feeling out-of-control when you don’t have the foundational tools for success. People are suffering because “they don’t know what they don’t know.”

Mainstream schooling fails to adequately prepare us for success in that it fails to NURTURE our human potential. Among other things, it does not teach self-empathy, how to soothe our inner critic, and how to listen to our intuition. It doesn’t teach us that it is okay for us to be exactly who we are… that we are enough as we are. It doesn’t teach us how to uncover our talents so that we can be a clear love channel and make the difference that we are uniquely meant to make. It does not teach us how to make money doing what comes naturally to us and feels good as breathing air! It fails to teach us that success is about the intangibles – that which cannot be seen but which can be felt and sensed. This is an error and omission in an antiquated and outdated education system. So, we have to do this work of nurturing our human potential ourselves. Learning, resilience, and adaptation are the hallmark of evolution.

You get to BE who you are.

You get to DECIDE what you want.

You get to CHOOSE what success looks like for you.

You get to be successful being YOU under no uncertain terms.

It’s 2020 and hindsight is 2020. 20+ years worth of cutting-edge research, development, and knowledge has been elegantly distilled and compiled for you in The Elevator. It is where you will uncover what is underneath layers of unhealthy conditioning and thought-errors so that you can come HOME to yourself. You will discover how to design and build a life and career that FEELS GOOD and is a REFLECTION of who you are so, at the end of the day, you get your needs met and feel INTEGRATED. (Some call this “Harmonic Wealth;” I call it “Integration.”) You will receive a customized success blueprint, the tools, guidance, and a strategic plan (a road map) for abundance, freedom, stability, peace-of-mind, fulfillment, meaning, balance, harmony, joy, ease, and grace– the intangibles you crave – for less than the investment in a Pelaton. The sooner you have this knowledge, the more poised you will be for success- on your own terms. Get in touch when you realize that investing in yourself is the greatest act of self-care and self-love that you could ever take. I mean it. Don’t sell yourself short.