My first job out of law school was working for a law firm that specialized in high-stakes, multi-million dollar (“bet-the-company”) type litigation.

One day, I was in the library doing some research when the head partner talked by. He backtracked and popped his head in. “Why are you researching?” He asked. “Why not ask one of the new associates to do it? You know what they say! ‘New brooms sweep clean!’” I just smiled and shook my head.

Some point later, I found myself in his beautiful corner office, complete with a giant salt-water aquarium. I was waiting for him to get off a call when I noticed a pawn – yes, the kind you find on a chess set – sitting on his desk. When he got off the call, I asked: “What is the pawn about?” “It is to remind me that everyone is a pawn,” he replied. Again, I smiled and shook my head.

The day that I left that firm, I snagged the pawn — as a reminder to never be anyone’s pawn. 

Is that what you want? To be a pawn and…

  • work harder than you should?
  • make a lot less than you should?
  • feel unappreciated and undervalued?
  • feel taken advantage of and used?
  • be squashed under someone’s thumb?


Are you ready to embody your inner queen, warrior, goddess (or whatever you want to call her) and…

  • feel empowered and in control?
  • get your needs met?
  • own your value and worth?
  • live fully on your own terms?
  • feel valued, secure, and free?

I know what you want: You want it ALL! I know what you need: a purpose and profit-driven brand that will give you the balanced, joyful, harmonious, and peaceful lifestyle you deserve. The Elevator is designed to provide you with clarity and confidence and a proven system and solid strategy for a life-time of true success.

It is time for women to step up so we can balance the power dynamic and energy in the world.

Stop procrastinating. Stop choosing to stay stuck. Stop wasting your precious gifts, talents, and potential.

Let’s go!

Book your intake call here and let’s have an honest chat and see if the course is a fit. “See you” on the other side.