We have the ability to create our lives. However, creativity can be messy. It involves experimentation, play, freedom to fail, and lightheartedness. It is stifled by fear and judgment. Trial & error is a form of creativity but you can risk coming off as unstable until you figure it out.

The reason why I am here today is that I did not quit until I figured out why I am here and what I am meant to do. The education system omits what is most important – the tools to nurture our potential. In my signature on-line course, “The Elevator,” you will discover:

  • How to create a healthy relationship with yourself.
  • How to ditch the self-judgment and love yourself, unconditionally.
  • How to understand your needs so that you can get them met!
  • How to establish healthy boundaries around your time and with others.
  • The ways you sabotage yourself and how to tame your mind.
  • How to build an honorable business.
  • How to step up into your potential.
  • How to make money in a way that feels clean.
  • How to create a better relationship with money.
  • How to create harmony in your environment.
  • How to bring out the best in the people around you.
  • How to market yourself authentically and attract your ideal clients to you.
  • How to become more visible in order to share your message and make a greater impact.
  • How to take amazing care of your clients so as to improve retention, referrals, and outcomes.

And, more…

I call it an “Integrative Business Model” because this model recognizes the interconnection and interdependence of everything. In coaching we have saying: “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” If you are holding yourself back, professionally, you are likely to be holding yourself back, personally. Everything is interrelated. Improving one area can have profound effects on other areas.

When I wrote “Healing Conflict,” it should have dawned on me that I am a spiritual counselor– but it was too obvious. I was standing too close to myself to see myself clearly. I was still “in the closet” with my intuitive abilities. That can sometimes happen. When we are too close to the situation… when we are too close to our internal limitations and dialogue… we cannot see things clearly for ourselves. We can hide the best parts of us because we feel “too different.” In the meantime, the world is missing out on our talents and solutions.

The human race is in a crisis because we have lost our way. We have lost our connection to nature. We have become disconnected with our true nature. The answers are inside. I am giving you a chance to tap into your inner wisdom. Combine that with the Hogwarts level of knowledge that I have to share with you about branding and business/practice-building and you have a solid road map for a life-time of success – without going through pain and suffering that went into accumulating said knowledge. When you are ready for guidance, get in touch!