Hi, love. How are you?

If you are not happy, it is very likely that your odor of dis-ease is making the people around you uneasy and unhappy. Emotions are our most primal form of communication and they are highly contagious. A more fulfilled and empowered woman makes for a happier girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and boss. Her presence lights up a room. Staying stuck is selfish and irresponsible. < I care about you and someone needs to tell you the truth!

It is not our circumstances that dictate the level of our happiness. Rather, it is the way we THINK about our circumstances that dictate the level of our happiness. Everything you want comes from the inside out.

We are living in a world where women have become the female version of men. Chasing, hunting, hustling, competing in an unhealthy rat race that we did not create. You are likely burning the candle at both ends. Since we tend to be more emotionally sensitive, you can likely sense what others need and expect of you. However, what about your needs and wants? How can we teach the next generation of women to value themselves if we don’t know ourselves, love ourselves, and value ourselves first?

I am inviting you to step up into self-leadership and take personal responsibility for your life and choices. You are so valuable that the Earth has become imbalanced due to the failure of society to value your feminine gifts of sensitivity, connection, nurturance, collaboration, and peace-making. After 5,200 years of patriarchy, we are in an urgent situation. The human species may not survive another four generations.

How would you approach politics, the legal system, law enforcement, the prison system, the educational system, climate change, the media, and the food system? Live your life as though it matters – because it does. Otherwise, the cycle of aggression and violence continues…

Are you ready to collaborate? Book a call. Let’s have a conversation. Until then, stay well.